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Mezcal Trascendente USA

6 pack Espadín 25.36oz

6 pack Espadín 25.36oz

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Mezcal made from 100% agave, with the most generous variety in Mexico, which is represented by Agave Espadín (A. Angustifolia).

Method: Craftsman made

Category: Young, white

Alcoholic content: 40 degrees

Cooking: Volcanic stone oven

Distillation: Double, with Copper Mills

Tubs: Sweet Wood

Fermentation: Wild

Made in: Oaxaca, Mexico

Espadin Organoleptic

It's predominant aroma is citric, a scent of orange leaf, tangerine, herbal notes such as cedar leaf and lemon tea. Mezcal that denotes the characteristic flavors of the Maguey Espadín. You can easily taste the minerality present, its permanence is prolonged and the subtle smoke makes it very enjoyable. it is a fresh, balanced mezcal, with delicious acidity and organoleptic characteristics that make it ideal as an aperitif.

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