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Mezcal Trascendente USA

2 pack Ensamble 25.36oz

2 pack Ensamble 25.36oz

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Mezcal made from 100% agave, with the best varieties from Mexico, which are: Agave Espadin (A. Angustifolia), Agave Tobala (A. Potatorum), Agave Cuishe (A. Karwinskii).

Method: Craftsman made

Category: Young, white

Alcoholic content: 42 degrees

Cooking: Volcanic stone oven

Distillation: Double, with Copper Mills

Tubs: Sweet Wood

Fermentation: Wild

Made in: Oaxaca, Mexico



Mezcal with herbal-floral character, without losing a refreshing citric touch. Cooked agave is perceived as delicate caramel notes with a saline touch. It has a soft entry, but with aromatic complexity. The aftertaste reveals the process of an artisanal mezcal, with an elegant finish.

Subtle mineral flavors and hints of citrus that are pleasant to the palate, followed by a delicate smoky touch. Balanced Mezcal with a silky body that allows it to be paired with fatty, slightly salty and spicy dishes

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